Saturday, March 4, 2017

Learn what Libertarianism is before you criticize it:

There are a lot of people on the internet who criticize Libertarianism, and 99% of them don't even know what it is. As they don't know what it is, but they do know that they're supposed to hate it because they've been taught Statism, they just decide to make up random shit and hurdle it at Libertarianism. Have you been on the internet recently? Have you seen the "criticisms" of libertarianism that morons are buying into?

I don't even know where to start- what seems to be happening is that Socialist Imbeciles who hate freedom got their hands on a computer and a keyboard, and started typing in random shit that they made up about Libertarianism, and people actually buy into it. I don't even know how we got to this point of stupidity folks- it's that bad.

For example- Sam Seder is one of the biggest proponents of Authoritarianism and Fascism on the internet- and a staunch critic of Libertarianism. Here's what he does- he gets his hands on a video recorder and a microphone, and starts hurdling random shit that makes no rational sense at Libertarianism, and his large following of sheeple Libertarded, Statistm, Brainwashed, Fascists just buy into it, and then they themselves go online and reiterate Seder's bullshit.

Maybe if these idiots actually knew what Libertarianism is, we wouldn't have this problem- then again, probably not. Sam Seder is the most intellectually dishonest, Brainwashed fucktard on the internet, so I rather doubt that he would change his rhetoric in any way.

But, maybe I can make myself feel better about how fucked up and retarded the world we live in is, by ranting about how stupid these sheeple are. So let's start by defining Libertarianism.

Libertarianism is the philosophy of Freedom, the idea that you should be able to live your life as you see fit, provided you don't hurt anyone else. In politics, Libertarianism advocates a limited Government to preserve our liberties from anything which might encroach upon them. According to Smithian Libertarianism, founded by Adam Smith in his 1776 book "The Wealth of Nations," the role of Government should be limited to the following:
1. To provide for the expense of justice- to fund a police force and legal system to protect us from other citizens.
2. To provide for the expense of defense- to fund a strong military for National defense, and to negotiate with foreign nations on our behalf to maintain peace.
3. To provide certain institutions which are beneficial to Society, but which would not be profitable for any individual to provide.

If we are to take what Adam Smith considered as institutions which are beneficial to Society, but which would not be profitable for any individual to provide, number three would consist in the following:
1. To fund the education of youth, K-12, and potentially college.
2. To fund scientific research.
3. To fund church activities which are beneficial to society- the modern equivalence to this being charities

Therefore, the role of Government is, in Classical Liberalism, limited to the following:
1. To fund a police force
2. To fund a legal system
3. To enforce contracts
4. To prevent fraud
5. To enforce simple, not overly complex, worker and consumer safety regulations
6. To fund a military
7. Diplomacy with foreign nations
8. To fund, but not control, the education of youth
9. To fund scientific research

If you don't believe me- read Book 5 of "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What pisses me off about Sam Seder:

Honestly, this guy is the stupidest goddamn idiot ever to step foot on this planet- of all the utter fucking retards I've met on the internet, Sam Seder is by far the stupidest, most ignorant, uneducated, liberal, batshit stupid, fucking delusional statist prick I've ever heard.

This guy has the audacious stupidity to come on screen, and say that Libertarians are living in a delusional fantasy land- because we aren't part of his cult called statism. He tries to present Economic Freedom as Feudalism, spreads this liberal statist propaganda, and this inversion of reality, and even once said that Libertarians are Eugenicists and authoritarians.

This guy is such an idiot, and the propaganda so intense, that if I were 21+ I would have to drink a lot of fucking booze just to get through one of his videos. Instead, I have to take it in tiny clips at a time because I get so pissed at this communtarian fucking fascist- that I just have to let it all out on blog posts such as these.

This imbecile is so stupid, that he is literally going to get us all killed- he has this delusional fantasy, like Karl Marx, that if the government controls the economy, and the government controls our lives for us, that we would live in this happy utopia with flowers and gumdrops and fairies! Because the state is so much more moral than the individual right?

The individual can't be entrusted with freedom, the individual shouldn't be allowed to defend himself or own a gun, and the individual shouldn't be left in charge of his or her own healthcare or their own retirement plan, because the citizens are just stupid little children who are incapable of living their own lives- and they need Big Brother to take care of them.

He is so fucking delusional he flat out denies objective reality- for example, he has this insane idea that if the government controlled our healthcare it would get so much more efficient and everyone would be happy and healthy, and no one would die of illness- and we'd all live in this la la happy socialist paradise! Right? WRONG!

Go to a military hospital, you utter fucking retarded baboon- then you tell me that government controlled healthcare is a good idea. The doctors don't know what the fuck they're doing, they are overloaded with patients, people wait months to get treatment and die on the streets in the meantime, and when they do get healthcare it's shitty and the doctors can't do much better because they have too many patients. Maybe you can ask a veteran about how good the healthcare is in a military hospital, and then you can find out for yourself why the majority of veterans are Conservatives, and oppose a government ran healthcare system.

He actually believes that Social Security prevents the elderly from dying in poverty- he doesn't even know how Social Security works. YOU pay into it- the money that retirees are getting from Social Security, is just a fraction of what they themselves paid into it. Without Social Security, people would be free to invest their money as THEY see fit, without the government trying to control their retirement. They would be able to get higher returns- and they wouldn't die in poverty, they would do much better.

He thinks that the lack of Universal Basic Income, is a lack of freedom, because having to work and produce your own subsistence is like slavery right? WRONG! Of course you should have to work to survive- and saying that you're entitled to Universal Basic Income, is literally saying that you shouldn't have to work for your own subsistence, but everybody else should have to work for your subsistence- you entitled socialist twat.

This guy has been spewing out horseshit propaganda, and pushing this inversion of reality, for so long, that I'm going to have to call him out on it. That's why I'm making an entire YouTube series toward calling this brain dead Socialist drooling zombie cheese for brains Socialist propagandist, for the retarded, communist, imbecile that he is.

This guy is such a piss-ant idiot- a fucking retarded giraffe, a communist, leaching, envious, libertard, freedom hating Statist Nazi, that I don't know if I'm going to be able to get through part of one short video without hitting myself over the head with a book and screaming profanities into the sky at midnight. This guy is so terrible, that I just ran out of words. Oh fucking well, I'm just going to have to deal with this shithead, wish me luck, and hope that I don't fall into cardiac arrest and die and because he's that fucking stupid.